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It’s been a good 48 hours in the nba. Two of the least likeable most punchable players have been involved in nba versions of brawls, and man I love to see it.

it’s got me thinking though, top 5 nba guys I’d love to see getting punched. Rivers and brooks are solidified in my top 5, they just got the faces of villains.

im throwing Grayson Allen into my top 5, on court antics and the guy just has a face of a douchebag. My fourth nominee is draymond, purely cause I just want to see him get fucked up just one time preferably by Steven Adams. My final pick, and this might be an unpopular opinion , but I’d love to see booker take a little beating. The 8-0 bubble suns have become an unbearable team filled with cocky fucks.

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